Jin Zhu

About me

I’m a Ph.D. candidate working with Prof. Xueqin Wang in the School of Mathematics, SYSU since 2019. I am interested in developing computationally efficient algorithms & softwares with statistical performance guarantees for large scale non-Euclidean/high-dimensional data analysis.


  • A Polynomial Algorithm for Best-subset Selection Problem. Junxian Zhu, Canhong Wen, Jin Zhu, Heping Zhang, Xueqin Wang. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Dec 2020, 117 (52) 33117-33123
  • Ball: An R package for Detecting Distribution Difference and Association in Metric Spaces. Jin Zhu, Wenliang Pan, Wei Zheng, Xueqin Wang. Journal of Statistical Software, Accepted.
  • Ball Covariance: A Generic Measure of Dependence in Banach Space. Wenliang Pan, Xueqin Wang, Heping Zhang, Hongtu Zhu, Jin Zhu (2020). Journal of the American Statistical Association, 115:529, 307-317


  • Ball: Statistical Inference and Sure Independence Screening via Ball Statistics. R and Python packages.
  • BeSS: Best Subset Selection Regression in Linear, Logistic, Poisson and CoxPH Models. R and Python packages.
  • cdcsis: Conditional Distance Correlation Based Feature Screening and Conditional Independence Inference. R package.
  • fastmit: Fast Mutual Information Based Independence Test. R package
  • gif: Graphical Independence Filtering. R package


  • 2021 Guangdong Industrial Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Competition – Intelligent Algorithm Competition (Ranked 4% out of more than 4000 teams).
  • National scholarship, China, 2020.
  • Outstanding (Graduate) Students of Guangdong province, 2019.
  • Outstanding Undergraduates of Sun Yat-Sen Province, 2016.
  • First-class Scholarship for Outstanding Students of SYSU (Triple times), 2013-2014 & 2014-2015 & 2016-2017.